Mapping is conceived here as a radical space to expand concerns, and bring things that escape the precarity of the day-to-day, whilst also developing transformative strategies and tactics.

My name is Leslie Lam, an architecture graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, who is the main author of this blog. Mapping_Solidarity_in_Tinsley is a blog that documents the research and mapping process that I am undertaking in the post industrial suburb of Tinsley in Sheffield.

Behind the various mapping strategies, tools and representations of Tinsley are theories of a ‘diverse economy’ from the bodies of work by J.K. Gibson-Graham, especially conveyed in A Post-Capitalist Politics. Over the past two decades, much of their work has been dedicated to challenging the ‘capitalocentric’ systems of the ‘mainstream’ market and ‘taking back the economy’ that explores alternative economic subjects that make up the base below the iceberg.

Through this complex networks within this diverse economic landscape, the mapping process in Tinsley seek to develop a tool(s) that allows for new understanding and points of transformative action.

This research project is part of a larger project undertaken by Studio Polpo, Sheffield, working with a trans-European network of experimental solidarity based initiatives. The core aim of this interdisciplinary project is to co-design and prototype a pedagogical mapping tool for solidarity economies (PMTSE) that can spatially map these diverse economies, ranging from spaces, tools, materials, urban form ethics and emotions.

We see the mapping tool as a way to share the actions, strategies, and tactics to support the joining of dots to enable small groups or individuals to act more collectively for mutual benefit.


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