Earlier this week, I attended the coffee morning at St. Lawrence Church, which is on every Wednesday mornings from 10:30-12:00. It was an unique experience having being able to talk to a variety of local residents who all shared unique stories about themselves living in Tinsley. Anecdotes and unusual moments highlighted the conversations whilst bringing up key themes and issues that Tinsley are currently facing. A frequent activity like this is valuable for the community, since it brings together opinions, laughter and a sense of belonging from just being served a warm crumpet and a cup of tea.

jpeg-coffee table

An unusual incident that happened was the Richard (aka. Dick) who is the church caretaker notices that a picture was missing from the wall. Nobody knew where it had gone whilst some suggested that it might have fallen off the wall and someone must have taken it to get repaired. The ‘mystery’ of the missing picture still remains unsolved…


jpeg-missing picture



—>Since most of the locals drink tea, then why is it called a ‘Coffee Morning’?

—>Will the changes in bus stops change the fate of public interactions? Having initially talked to Irene at a bus stop.

—>With the increasing impacts of climate change, the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. What are the impacts of automobiles (M1, taxis) and surrounding industry and development such as MTL, BOC and Outokumpu? Who is responsible if it rains at the picnic?

—>The coffee morning provides ‘teatime’ foods and tea/coffee in which the attendants pay a donation at their own will. This transaction is an example of the open outcomes of the alternative economy in which profit is not the objective, but to provide comfort from a buttered crumpet breakfast.

—>Highly processed foods served at the coffee morning being purchased from large supermarkets and owned by food corporations which do not not a ethical ethos, high food milage and are solely revenue orientated. Can other skills from the neighbourhood provide refreshments, such as local mini marts, Tinsley Community Allotment providing organic snacks (berries/fruits)?

—>Mainly all the local residents who join this event are from a White British ethnicity and are Christians, apart from Liane who is from India and Malcolm who is an atheist. The venue and organisers of events may implicitly target certain types of people. So what will happen if we held this event at the old infant school and contact Nusrat to get some people to attend from the mosque?

Key themes/issues:-

-Reduced/diverted bus services made it hard to get the weekly groceries, attending events in and out of Tinsley and visiting family.

-The decrease of events and activities, due to lack of funding and lack of younger/new volunteers to take up current roles

-There is no pub. Pike and Herron is closed and the landlord is just waiting for it to be sold at a higher price.

-Compared to Brinsworth, they have nothing.

-The new school has taken away their only place for community events.

-Current events and activities are targeted towards stay at home housewives.

-The locals at the coffee club say that they are happy to engage with the East European migrants but they would not talk to them and see them as a closed of community.




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