This Tuesday, I attending an event held at the old Tinsley Infants School. It mainly includes range of arts and craft activities.

Tinsley Time and Travel-Stalls to show old maps and photographs or Tinsley’s unique archaeological history/treasure hunt stall/paper making.

Ignite Imaginations-medieval stamp printing

Bright toys-STEM based experiments.

Community run stalls-Haiku typewriter/crown making/picture colouring.






The atmosphere was boosted in midday by a very entertaining Roma Dance performance!



Even the BBC radio channel came to do some interviews. Since it is the start of the school holidays, the attendance was well received and people were willing to give out personal opinions on posters that we put on the walls.

As for me, I was able to engage and interact with the local neighbourhood community, first hand. An event like this allowed me to communicate with key actors of the community, those who are seen as leaders and social nodes for events and support, such as Yvonne Witter from Darnell Wellbeing and Nusrat Rashid who is seen as the ‘person who knows everyone!’ as well as being able to talk to the agencies opening stalls, various volunteers from the University of Sheffield and local schools, local mums (despite the english barrier) and small children.

In this even, I also saw a lot of familiar faces, people who I have spoken/interviewed before and I felt that I am part of the community when they came over to me to say hello, even though I am not from Tinsley.

As for the Tingas Project of Studio Polpo, this proved that there are definitely people in the community who is not ‘shy’ to attend community events, able to speak out and express their own voices.





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