From the 1950s, a part of Tinsley’s residential area was demolished to make way for the M1 Motorway and the two tier viaduct that started construction in the mid 1960s, in which Sheffield locals see Tinsley being dissected from the rest of the city.

VIADUCT-The City Engineering and Surveyor and TownPlanning Office Sheffield


Noise and air pollution have since been an issue for the local residents. With the fighting from the Tinsley Forum in the 2000s, a competition was held for a 5mile noise barrier along the M1 as well as having the local authority to plant trees as a noise buffer and improvement to air quality, despite being surrounded by previously industrial works which have grown into retail/tertiary sectors from the post-industrial period. However, the current health of the trees are poor due to lack of maintenance and inadequate spacing and from

Having spoken to local residents, I have discovered that noise and traffic is not a main problem within the community, since most of them say that ‘they get used to it’. This was similar to the findings in Port Talbot, South Wales, when I embarking on my Masters Architecture Project late last year.


Nevertheless, traffic noise on a Tuesday afternoon (non rush hour traffic), the roundabout on bawtry road racks up to 70-8-dB. In quieter areas, noise levels average constantly around 50db, going down to 40db on rare occasions. In tandem with sound mapping, I carried out a lighting analysis by using a lux meter. Overall light levels were fairly consistent, 2000-8000lux on an afternoon overcast sky, since there are no large structures that may cause intense overshadowing. Although, overshadowing does occur as you get closer to the Tinsley Viaduct, during later in the afternoon and into the evening.



-Is the Tinsley community aware of how serious (or not serious) the issue of noise and air pollution?
-Knowledge of physical and physiological health dangers.
-Should there be more community involvement in mitigating noise and air quality?
-Are there any physical or virtual tools that can be made from existing community skills to aid this?
-Effect on natural ecosystem?
-Automobile orientated infrastructure, causing in-human scale urban grain of surrounding industrial structures, how can bottom up interventions break these barriers?
-Traffic and decrease bus services does not improve walkability, and makes it more difficult for elderly residents. Are their new mutual support groups that can help? Ie. with the abundance of local taxi drivers, can there be a small group of drivers who charge a cheaper fee for Tinsley residents?



History about the M1 Viaduct:

Joynt, Jennifer L. R. and Kiang, Jian. (no date), The integration of public opinion and perception into the design of noise barriers, A case study in Sheffield, [Research paper] School of Architecture, University of Sheffield.


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